What does digital format mean?
It means that it is not the physical game (on Bluray disk). It is the content downloaded from the PlayStation virtual store. It is downloaded to your PlayStation hard drive, so you must have an internet connection and enough space on your system's hard drive.

 Is the game complete / original?
Yes, it is the complete and original game. Same as a Bluray disk version (sometimes digital games have extras, such as special content, expansions, themes for your console, etc.)

 Can I play online?
If the game offers multiplayer, yes.

 Can I play from my personal account (s)?
You can play with your personal account (s) without any problems, regardless of the nationality.

 Can I delete the game?
No. If you delete the game, you lose it.

 Can I pick up the game personally?
No, deliveries are digital. Instructions are sent by email to download the game from the comfort of your home. Telephone, email, WhatsApp and Facebook assistance is offered.

 If I have a problem downloading or installing the game, can I re-download it?
In the event of any problem please contact us and we will solve it. Always contact us before doing something and wait for instructions to solve your specific problem. The more details you give us about your error or problem, the faster we can solve it. In general, errors have a number associated, it is always convenient to transcribe what the system notifies you by adding the error number or send a screenshot where we can see the error in question.

What is the shipping cost?
Shipping cost is ZERO for digital games.

How do you ship?
Delivery is made by e-mail.

Where I can get my order?
We deliver worldwide by email

How much time will the delivery take?
Delivery time will depend on availability. When the payment is credited and we have availability, the product is shipped right away

What is the deadline for a refund/change?
You can request a return or exchange of the product after verifying that it does not work by sending a screenshot and describing the error or problem that you had within 48 hours of receiving the product.